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Kodrova 8
SI-1000 Ljubljana


Tel: +386 (0)1 541 61 71
Fax: +386 (0)1 523 34 14
Contact: Bojan and Mateja Marincelj

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Opening hours: Monday to Friday from 6 am to 6 pm.

Located near the BTC commercial centre in Ljubljana, restaurant “Pri stričku” is not hard to find. The establishment was founded in 1930 when the inn called “Pri stričku” first opened its door to customers. An old vine, today growing in the house conservatory, also dates back in that time. Although the offer in food has changed considerably over the years the restaurant “Pri stričku” still follows the guidelines offered by traditional Slovenian cuisine.

This establishment has been a family-run restaurant for many years. The restaurant cooking and maintenance enthusiasm is passed from one generation to another. Today, the restaurant is run by a 4th generation family management, taking care of their guests who are always glad to return.

“At the uncle’s”, or in Slovene “pri stričku”, the appetising aroma starts to spread through the house early in the morning when father Milan sets the pots in the kitchen and starts cooking, while the friendly staff make sure the guests are always well attended.



House specialties:
Aspic with pumpkin oil

Stews and soups (veal stew with wheat mush, casseroles, etc)
Roasted meet (including lamb and young pork)
Roasted duck with “mlinci” (unleavened bread bits).
Fish (available every Friday)
“Štruklji” (cooked batter with stuffing), strudels
and many other dishes.


The offer is based on traditional Slovenian cooking, seasonal ingredients, and of course requests made by our guests.

Restaurant “Pri stričku” manages its own wine cellar where guests can taste and buy excellent wine labels, such as Metliška črnina and wines from the Slovenian region of Goriška brda.

A 75th anniversary of the restaurant and opening of the wine cellar.

On this occasion, the guests were offered a 75 kg mortadella slices and excellent wine to drink along.

Be sure not to miss our excellent choice in home-made “koline” offered in winter season.

Welcome to visit our restaurant where you can experience excellent culinary tradition.


Gostilna Pri stričku za funkcionalnost strani uporablja piškotke, ki ne hranijo osebnih podatkov. Nekateri piškotki so bili morda že servirani v skladu z zakonodajo. Z nadaljevanjem obiska strani soglašaš z njihovo uporabo.

Sprejemam nastavitve piškotkov na tej strani.